Jordanian police secure Amman's Roman Amphitheater A Jordanian gunman on Monday shot at a group of foreign tourists visiting the Roman Amphitheater in Jordan’s capital, killing a British man and wounding six other people including a Jordanian police officer, Interior Minister Eid al-Fayez said.

Police overtook the gunman at the scene and arrested him, said government spokesman Nasser Judeh. Al-Fayez said the casualties included the British man who died, plus two other wounded Britons and the Jordanian police officer. In addition, one Dutch, one Australian and one New Zealander tourist were all wounded. Source: [Associated Press]

It really is disheartening to see this happen in Jordan. In addition to the brutal killing of an innocent tourist and the injuring of others — including one Jordanin police officer — this cold-blooded murderer has most certainly dealt the Jordanian tourism industry a harsh blow.

My most sincere condolences go out to the family of the British tourist. Regardless of this brutal incident, I wholeheartedly believe that Jordan will remain one of the safest places in the region.