Headed for firstAs part of a new subscriber promotion, our cable company, Comcast, decided to give us free tickets for a baseball game between the DC Nationals and the Florida Marlins. So the other day we made our way to RFK, the stadium for DC’s Nationals for me to get an education watching this all-American experience live. I must admit, the overall atmosphere was exhilarating with live music and vendors wandering here and there shouting out names of different kinds of beer and other merchandise.

It was also fascinating to see the excitement of a crowd that came from all walks of life. As to the game itself, well, frankly, I really did not get that much of what was going on. Although the husband spent most of the duration of the game explaining the rules to me, I only managed to come away with the following: there is a guy who hits the ball and then runs from one base to the other before someone "tags" him out!

While it was very thrilling to watch baseball live, I thought the game dragged an eternity, as it lasted over three hours. I also felt it lacked the continual excitement provided by some of my favorite sports like football (not American) or basketball. But all in all the experience was memorable and well worth the time and the effort. Go Nationals!