The kitchen music station

For some reason, I have not been pursuing music as aggressively as I used to in my earlier years. This might have something to do with a shifting of priorities or maybe it’s just because I feel so uninspired in this country that music has become something of a luxury instead of a necessity. Nowadays, the only time I really get to enjoy music is when I’m in the kitchen making a meal, washing dishes or cleaning up the house.

Here are some snippets of the eclectic mix playing on our kitchen music station:

U2 ~ How to dismantle an atomic bomb: I’m totally digging this album. In this latest work, U2 seems to have re-embraced their earlier style, as this album bears little similarity to their techno-inspired recent work like All that you can’t leave behind or Pop. It is a mix of the old and the new. Great stuff.

Alison Krauss and Union Station ~ Lonely runs both ways: I’m not really a country-music fan, but this one is different. It is what I think of as modern country music. Alison has a tantalizing voice. I’m hooked on her music.

Dave Matthews Band ~ Under the table and dreaming: This is an album that I can never stop listening to. It always enjoys a prestigious place among my music collection. Every track is a delight.

Maroon 5 ~ Songs about Jane: On this, their debut album, this young band made it big simply because their music is so engaging. My favorite is She will be loved.

Peter Cincotti ~ Peter Cincotti: A young jazz singer with lots of potential. He meshes pop with classic jazz tunes. Very enjoyable listening.

Nelly Furtado ~ Folklore: This is the album I go to whenever I’m in a dark state of mind. It is enjoyable, up- beat listening; each song is a treat.

Sarah McLachlan ~ Afterglow: The latest addition to the Tynes collection. It provides soothing songs for the troubled soul.