What is this about really? Some sort of smear campaign against Jordan?

Honor LostiA Syrian publishing house that translated a best selling book written by a Jordanian author on Saturday said their only goal was to publicize the problem of honour killings.

“Honour crimes are a social problem and I am interested in highlighting the abuse that is inflicted on women. In my opinion, regardless of whether the story is true or fabricated, it reflects the reality in our life,” Syrian Cadmus Press Executive Director Ziad Muna told The Jordan Times in a telephone interview.

In his six-page book introduction, he wrote: “When we heard about Khouri’s book on what are called honour crimes, which are being committed on daily basis in Jordan and elsewhere in the region, we did not hesitate for one second to translate and publish the book.” “There is an urgent need to be publicly vocal, and through all means, in exposing these crimes that are committed against Arab women,” Muna said.

Source: [The Jordan Times]

This book is a hoax and was pulled off the shelves by the publisher. I discussed the book and how bogus it is in a previous post. The only reason I can imagine that they would translate it is to give Jordan a bad name! Why else? Really!