When I first started this blog, I was very passionate about my opinions. I talked candidly about how I felt about certain topics especially the politics of the Middle East. Of course, the outcome of this was nasty comments posted on this blog mostly by anonymous readers. I was called many names and I was attacked personally. In one instance I was called a "Christian bitch." I deleted improper comments and banned users, but that never stopped the flow of nasty comments. At first, these comments used to get to me and I even lost some sleep just thinking about some of them.

Now, since my blogging is becoming less and less, the number of comments in general (along with the improper ones) are decreasing to almost zero.

However, the other day I got one of those comments. It was in reaction to a post that I wrote years ago about statements made by a Jordanian member of parliament. Here is the post. And here is the comment that I received last week from someone with the alias "me you us."

Middle eastern tyran in a bloggers outfit. Same old tyranny but new style of wording. Why are you so upset about what she says; right or wrong. Has none to do with you. STOP MEDDLING WITH OTHER’S BUSINESS. SHAME ON YOU!

I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but frankly, I did not lose sleep over this or get upset and bite my nails. I just brushed it off and even laughed. Am I becoming less passionate? Or is it because I have been away from the Middle East for almost three years now? Or is this is one of the hallmarks of being thirty and jaded?

I’m not sure. But I will continue to blog. Things are settling down now in my life now and I have time to jot down my thoughts like I always did. Blogging for me is therapeutic and I do not think I should give it up. However, with blogging comes mean comments like the one above. I’m ready for them, and no, I will not lose sleep over them.