I have a new addiction. It is the one and only Facebook. These days I’m finding myself checking this networking portal at least 10 times a day. I’m not sure why. Nothing much happens in there. I guess what has got me is the idea of "six degrees of separation," where I find myself getting in touch with people from as far back as elementary school. All of a sudden I’m reconnecting with scores of people that I befriended during the last thirty years of my life. It is absolutely fascinating.

My "Friends" on Facebook range from old coworkers to people I went to graduate school with to family relatives and old friends, all of them scattered across the globe. What a neat service and what an organized way to keep in touch with your loved ones! I highly recommend it.

I even got the husband, who is usually highly skeptical of networking portals, into it. Every once in a while I catch him checking the latest developments of his "friends" on Facebook or browsing through the photos updated by his acquaintances. Pretty neat!

As is case with many of my obsessions, I’m quite sure that I will lose interest eventually, but I’m not sure when. For the time being I’m hooked.