Cover of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' A new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is coming out this summer. Sweet! Also, the highly-anticipated finale to the book series will also be available next month. This, of course, is making the summer even more exciting, at least for me. Last week, my husband confessed that he had pre-ordered Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows for me some months ago, which I thought was very thoughtful and sweet. However, the minute he mentioned this, I felt intense pressure. I’m behind, I thought to myself. I still need to read The Order of the Phoenix before the movie comes out and there is still another book to finish before I can put my hands on the finale.

Ahh! Too much to read, too little time. Yes, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan but I have not been doing my homework lately. I’m leaving everything until the last minute. I just started The Order of the Phoenix and so far it is as expected: charming and magical.

It is worth noting that I’m reading this while the region that I’m so attached to seems to be deteriorating even further. From Gaza to Iraq to Lebanon, things are moving from bad to worse. While all this is happening, I choose to lose myself in a world of witchery and wizards. It is a world so mesmerizing that it makes you lose sight – at least for a moment — of the dramatic real-life events around you. Yes, it’s true. I’m sick and tired of the Muggle world. Take me to Hogwarts.