I just read on Tamara’s blog about two Jordanian females — who happen to be twins — that are currently in Alaska training for their big trip to Mount Everest. Here is an excerpt:

Dima and Lama HattabThe Jordanian runners Dima and Lama Hattab have just joined a training camp on 9 February 2007 in Alaska supported by King Abdullah II Fund for Development, this training camp will be followed by chain of other similar ones in order to climb Everest summit in 2008.

"We have our dream to accomplish many distinguished sporty achievements not only locally or in the Arab World but also internationally to present the competitive Jordanian sport, we are honored and humbled by the great support of King Abdullah II Fund for Development to be the first initiative to help us in our mission to be the first Arab female twins climb the Everest together." Lama Hattab said.

Dima and Lama Hattab in Alaska"Alaska region, which is a state of the United States of America located in the extreme northwest portion of North America, is considered a perfect place to learn how to live in cold climates since the winter there is a very long dark one, temperatures often are Sub-zero. The ten days training organized by Alaska Ultra Sport."

"The sisters have sent an electronic message advised the local press that they started the training by sleeping in the tent surrounded by snow in 15-CËš tracking very hard diet system." Dima Hattab added.

This is exciting news. I really wish them all the best. Click here to find more information on the twins and their trek. Hat tip: [Exciting Life]