Six sisters restaurant Dinner with Ajlounieh and family The Dance

I haven’t updated this blog for a little bit. The reason: We’ve been busy eating. For the past two weeks or so we have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of food available for consumption, courtesy of my mom’s cooking and a myriad of dinners that we’ve been invited to by friends and relatives.

A number of my parents’ friends that happen to live in our area have celebrated my parents’ arrival by feeding us copious quantities of wonderful Jordanian/Arabic food. All of my cravings from last year have been sated. So far I have savored Mansaf, Maglubeh, Warg Dawali, Knafeh, Ma3moul, among other delicacies.

We’ve really been humbled by the degree of generosity and kindness we have encountered. My parents were even invited to a dinner by Ajlounieh’s parents, whom they had never met before. Tonight, we are invited to dinner at Leilouta’s place. Arab generosity never ceases to amaze me.