Calvin Klein - Made in Jordan The husband needed new pants. He claimed that a number of his pants had shrunk due to my excessive drying methods. I did not argue. Instead, I accompanied him last weekend on a shopping spree to Filene’s Basement. After maybe an hour and a half, the husband managed to find himself some pants that suited him, so we made our way back home.

While admiring his new pants in the comfort of our home, he noticed that one of them was made in Jordan — of all places [Click the image to enlarge]. It was pretty exciting, as it was the first time we’ve managed to see a QIZ (Qualified Industrial Zone) product up close and personal. This encounter with a Jordanian-made product came only a day after we ran into a Jordanian working at our local grocery store and just two days after picking up our car from the garage of a Jordanian mechanic.

"It is amazing. We keep bumping into Jordanians," the husband said when he met the Jordanian at the grocery store. Indeed. I guess, you can take the American out of Jordan but you can’t take Jordan out of the American.