My previous post about Muna Njiem’s bid for ITU Secretary General has generated a little bit of a debate about her role in the sale of Jordanian mobile operator Umniah. As a result of some of that discussion, her election team left a comment on this blog today linking to an official response from her about her role in the sale. For those interested, here is the link to the official response. Her closing comment is here as one quick highlight:

Can’t comment on the "resale"; as it took place after my tenure with TRC, as I left to concentrate on my campaign for ITU SecGen.

To read more about the controversy unleashed last July over the sale, make sure to check out Khalaf’s detailed post .

Khalaf, who left a note on Njiem’s site about Umniah, has also just posted regarding her response. Although he regards the reply as "really the official line, which states that the opening of the communications market is better for the consumer," he does close out by wishing her luck and thanking her for "the professional response to the voices of the blogosphere." Khalaf’s full post is available here.

UPDATE: Muna Nejem left a follow-up comment on Khalaf’s post, saying: "I want to thank all of you for taking the time to visit my site and for the show of support. The Umniah licensing is exactly what I stated; clean, pure and simple. It was done by transparent "due process" and with the approval of Council of ministers at every step. I am at your disposal, at a later stage, to hold a meeting w/all who are interested from you to explain things in the minutest details. I thank you again, and promise all of you that I never compromise on honesty and honor, and I set extremely high standards for honesty and honor for myself. God, the Almighty, is always watching every small deed we do.

You are the future, and I believe in you. I lead by example and pray to God, and with your support that together we will do our utmost to serve humanity at large, to the best of our capabilities."