Yet another woman has been murdered in cold blood in the name of honor. According to The Jordan Times, the deceased became the thirteenth woman killed this year in Jordan in what is termed an "honor crime."

Authorities on Thursday said two brothers confessed to murdering their sister for reasons related to family honor two weeks ago, then dumping her body in a canal in Karak. A shepherd discovered the victim’s badly decomposed body in a canal earlier this week. Coroners detected light burn marks on her body and traces of gasoline. Initial investigations indicated that the two brothers drove their sister from Irbid to a deserted area near the Queen Alia International Airport, beat her up, then strangled her, one source said. The suspects then drove to Karak and dumped their sister’s body in the canal and tried to set it ablaze to conceal their actions and get rid of the body, the source added.
Source: [The Jordan Times]

The most repulsive thing for me about these hideous crimes is that the killers still get reduced sentences for their brutal acts against humanity. All previous efforts to amend Jordanian Penal Code Article 340, which facilitates reduced sentences for these despicable crimes, has failed. It is such a shame that in this day and age, lives — especially those of women — can be so damn cheap. Here is what Jordanian blogger Euroarabe has to say about honor crimes:

Article 340 in Jordan’s penal code allows honor crime to go unpunished. The article was rejected in 1999 for ratification. Jordanian Minister of Justice, Abdul Karim Dughmi, who, at the time, responded to a question about honor killings in the case of rape smiled and gave this statement, "All women killed in cases of honor are prostitutes. I believe prostitutes deserve to die." In November, 2000, 20 countries signed a UN draft condemning violence against women. Jordan abstained.

And here is a link to comments by Jordanian blogger Nas on the issue.