The Economist's Jordan ad

I found it quite intriguing that the Economist — which I personally think is one of the best magazines out there — chose the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as the star of a new advertising campaign. The concept of the ad is that Economist readers are savvy enough to know that Jordan is in fact a country in the Middle East and not simply the name of an American basketball player. [Image enlarges on click.]

I’m not surprised that they chose Jordan, though. Just two days ago, I was at Barnes & Noble trying to find an outlet to connect my laptop. My search sparked a conversation with a man who decided to ask the usual question: "Where are you from?" When I said Jordan he replied, "That’s in Africa, no..?"

Anyway, as an avid reader of the Economist, I would say please keep advertising Jordan, for it is a wonderful place, and, after all, my home!

Hat tip: [AdBlogArabia]