Thanks to my bother-in-law, David, I got acquainted with one of the coolest free on-line radio stations out there: Pandora. The amazing thing about this radio is that it selects music for you based upon your taste. For example, let’s say you like Massive Attack, so you add them to your list. Based on this specific choice, Pandora might select something for you along the same lines, like Thievery Cooperation.

I have been listening to Pandora for the past two days non-stop. It really is pretty cool. It introduced me to a number of new bands and artists that I’d not heard of that were similar to my choices. I’m enjoying it a great deal. I’m listening to Pandora as we speak, as it plays a song by an artist called Mary Black. I have never heard of her before but she is pretty darn good. So for all the music fans out there, make sure to pay a visit (no I don’t make any money from this). It really is worth your time. And yeah, it is free!