Jebbel Weibdeh's DuindeIn solidarity with Roba, whose dream is to own Amman’s Lavazza, which is now called Duinde Gallery, I decided to put up a picture I took of the coffee shop, which I visited for the first time a month or so ago when I was in Amman.

Actually it was Hal who suggested we go there for our first face-to-face meet-up. I’d been corresponding with Hal for a while but it was the first time that we actually crossed over the online barrier and got to meet in person.

With its vibrant colors, Duinde is very artistic yet it has an extremely homey feeling to it. It was also remarkably quiet, allowing for a wonderful conversation to unfold with Hal. I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting – or residing — in Amman. For those that might be wondering, Hal got the bill! Isn’t she sweet.