Cover of 'How the Garclia Girls lost their accentsInspired by the generosity of Moorish Girl, I’ve decided to start giving away some books and other items every once in a while. Why am I doing this? Well, it is a token of appreciation for everyone who spends time reading my mental scribbles. It is also a thank you to all of those who took time to comment on my humble blog. Whether they were encouragement, criticism or suggestion, these comments have helped me become a better writer, blogger and a better person generally. So, thank you!

This week I’m giving away a novel by Julia Alavarez called How the Garcia girls lost their accents. The rule is simple: just send an email with the title of the book to ntynes [at] gmail dot com. The first person who sends me the email will get the book. I will take care of the shipping costs so no worries there. I got this book last year so it is little bit worn but it is free!.

UPDATE: And the book goes to … Ananyah (inspiration for this blog’s Radio).