One of the few perks about having a blog (and believe me they are few, as I primarily get yelled at on this blog) is meeting people. Yes, through Mental Mayhem I’ve gotten the chance to meet — offline — a number of fascinating and interesting individuals.

The most recent encounter was meeting reader "Scooby," who has been following this humble blog for over a year now. Scooby, a Jordanian living in the US, happened to be in our neck of the woods during this Memorial Day weekend so he contacted me hoping that we could meet up. Scooby was kind enough to invite us to a family BBQ and we gladly accepted. We had a great time in every sense of the word.

Not only did we get to meet a number of Jordanians, Palestinians and other nationals who live in the area, but we ate wonderful food and had fascinating discussions. We also got the chance to meet the Mrs. Scooby and some of Scooby’s friends. There was never a lull in then conversation or an awkward moment. We talked and interacted as if we’d known each other forever. We will definitely keep in touch and work to build this into a long-lasting relationship. Ah, the wonders of blogging!