There was nothing particularly eventful about yesterday except for one brief, significant incident that will certainly be told for generations to come. The incident took place while the husband and I were on the road in our quiet little neighborhood in Maryland.

While stopping at the traffic right I noticed a man in the car besides us looking in our direction and waving cheerfully. I rolled down my window to find out what he was trying to tell me. To my surprise the man spoke with me in Arabic, saying: "Are you from Madaba?" At first, I was speechless then I realized this man knew where I come from simply from our car tag, which proudly bears the name of my hometown."Yes I am," I said happily and introduced myself.

"I’m from Ram Allah but we have many friends from Madaba," he said while pointing to his wife, who was sitting besides him smiling. We conversed briefly. We talked about our jobs, where we live and our mutual relatives all in the span of barely a minute before the traffic light turned green. We said our goodbyes and then went our separate ways. What a pleasant encounter!