HM Queen RaniaRania and OprahSeveral days ago, I got the chance to watch Her Majesty Queen Rania on Oprah and I have to say, that besides looking absolutely stunning, the Queen was dignified, very eloquent and managed to present Jordan to an American audience in the best way possible.

I truly enjoyed watching the scenes from Amman being played on US national TV from my apartment in the suburbs of DC. I also loved seeing a number of Jordanian women talk about their daily existence as Jordanian mothers. For me, the show provided a wonderful image of home, serving as a reminder for me personally of how much I love Jordan and how much I’m attached to it.

HM Queen Rania in Jordan The queen managed to present a wonderful portrait of the kingdom and its people as tolerant, educated and very hospitable. The audience was very animated and reacted well to what the queen was saying and to the footage played during the show. More shows similar to this are needed to deconstruct stereotypes and to build bridges of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. Here is a link to Oprah’s info on the show. And here is a link to what Jordanian blogger Qwaider had to say about it.