As expected, the story about Jordan’s sweatshop is being taken seriously by the Jordanian government.

AMMAN — Jordan vowed on Thursday to crack down on abuse of foreign workers in Jordan-based textile factories following what it called a "disturbing" US rights group report detailing alleged violations. "The National Labor Committee report actually gives us the added information to follow up on violators of workers’ rights in Jordan," labor minister Bassem Salem said in a statement.

He described the findings of the report, carried out by the New-York-based non-government rights task force between March 2005 and April 2006, as "disturbing but not surprising." The 168-page report "US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement Descends Into Human Trafficking and Involuntary Servitude" released this month gave a scathing account of the conditions of migrant workers employed in Jordanian textile factories that export garments to the United States exempted from tariffs. Source: [The Middle East Times]

It really is disappointing that a Western publication had to run this report before the government decides to intervene. I guess in the Middle East international pressure is the ultimate golden bullet! The husband got so annoyed he even weighed in a bit and Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam has also commented on the government’s intervention:

I do not know to how extent the NIC report was accurate, but it has been very useful in exposing this trend which will now be highly scrutinized. It is a shame why we always take moral responsibilities for our mistakes only after being exposed by an international report that threatens the credibility of the country. I think one of the main measures to be taken is to develop more stringent monitoring on the working conditions in the QIZs and not allow for another insult to the reputation of Jordan.