My German-Jordanian friend and fellow blogger Euroarabe has a facinating post about the existence of the "Arab credit score." It is so worth a read I’ll highlight all of it:

Arab credit report spalsh screen When I came to the US, I found out (too late) about the credit report. If you are late paying any bills, it goes on a national record and affects your ability to take any loans out in the future, as well as sign up for credit cards, cell phones, rent an apartment, buy a house … even if you move across the country. We don’t have that in Jordan and other Arab countries as far as I knew. Then I realised we do. It’s called "your reputation" … and it something that comes along with being a girl. it’s just as important as your credit report in the US. One slip and everybody in the country finds out about it. Your reputation report is reviewed anytime you need to make important social and even career transactions just like in the US when you make financial contracts. The girls in my dorm were all intent on having hymen operations before marriage. Because losing that is equivilant of bankruptcy. Anyone living in the US knows what that will do to your credit report. It is obviously all a social construction and make-believe. The cult of virginity. The problem is, everyone is playing the game. I want to set up a online service where Arab girls can get their reputation report, instantly and for a small fee. Delivered online with personal analysis.