There is nothing much to report from Amman today besides the fact that Turkish coffee has never tasted better. After nearly one year sans this sweet, potent coffee, I’d almost forgotten how good it really is. I am definitely taking some coffee — along with its accompanying kit — home with me when I return to the land of milk and honey.

On a different note, the Jordanian dailies were all excited today about one major story: Jordan will soon be declared bird flu-free after the recovery of the Egyptian national (in Arabic) previously diagnosed with the dread disease. Here is a relevant article from IRIN on the situation.

In related news (Arabic), which for some reason put a huge smile on my face, there was a story in Alghad daily about how Yansoun (a spice popular in Jordan and the rest of the Arab World) can help increase one’s immunity to bird flu. I’ll definitely be taking some Yansoun home with me too.