The Almighty SamoaLike nearly everything else "American," the first time I heard about Girl Scout cookies was while watching American TV shows when I was living in Jordan. At the time, I didn’t pay them much attention. They were just cookies after all. But after recently having my first bite, life is no longer the same. These little sugar creations are truly, utterly, completely, and extremely orgasmic! Just one bite of a Samoa, and I’m "sinning" all day!

In these last few months since they entered my world, I’ve been sinning quite a bit. I’m consuming way over my average sweet intake, something I’m sure will send me directly to hell. What can I do? I’m only human; I was unaware of the power of Samoa.

The only good news: Girl Scout cookies are sold only once a year, giving me a few months to redeem myself and burn off the calories accumulated. I’m a bit distracted, so this will conclude my blogging for the day. Almighty Samoa here I come!