Reader Lisa drew my attention to a series of concerts being organized by Jordanian musician Zade Dirani in the US, entitled Roads to you. According to the tour website:

Photo of the Roads to You tour group The Roads to You tour has the potential to be a true life-changing experience for all those involved. As a grassroots effort, the tour hopes to create an understanding among the world’s different cultures on a very human level. As the tour fosters friendships built on trust and communication, it will also lay the groundwork for dialogue between the participating members. By expressing themselves in discussions and through the universal language of music, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in an open and safe environment.

Here is what Lisa, who is one of the musicians participating in the tour, had to say about Zade:

He is a very proud Jordanian and has a worldview about things. The best thing is that he is using what he knows best to try to make a difference in the world. With every concert he performed, I believe he has torn down a few more cultural, political and religious barriers.

The concerts will be held in DC, Houston, and Los Angeles. More information can be found here. This is a great initiative from a young Jordanian artist. I do hope I will be able to attend the event in DC this May mainly to give kudos to this young Jordanian talent. Way to go Zade!