Jill’s twin sister Katie appeared on Alarabiya today, appealing for Jill’s release, as she highlighted Jill’s importance to her, her family and really, to all of us who know and love Jill. She reached out and thanked the Iraqi people and everyone that has shown her and her family such wonderful support throughout this terrible crisis. It’s been so quiet and Iraq seems scarier by the day. We all are praying for her safe return. God, please bring our Jill back home, and soon. [Pictures via CSM]

Jill and KatieMy name is Katie Carroll. My twin sister is Jill Carroll, the innocent journalist who was kidnapped in Baghdad 82 days ago. I am speaking to you today because it has been nearly two months since the last video of my sister was broadcast. We have had no contact with her nor received any information about her condition. Since that time, I’ve been living a nightmare, worrying if she is hurt or ill.

There is no one I hold closer to my heart than my sister and I am deeply worried wondering how she is being treated. No family should have to endure having their loved one taken away from them in this way. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Iraqi people for the support and friendship you’ve shown us during this difficult time.

We would especially like to thank Mrs. Siham Faraj, the Iraqi mother who — after her own daughter was released from detention — was thoughtful enough to think of our family. As Mrs. Faraj said, Jill loves Iraq and Iraqis. She continued on to say, and I quote, that "Jill is a very good person. Don’t worry, she’s coming back home. God never forgets good people."

Mrs. Faraj is right about Jill being a friend to the people of Iraq. She has lived in Iraq for almost three years, has many Iraqi friends, and respects their culture. My sister has always had special praise for the strength and resilience of Iraqi women and mothers.

I hope that someone listening to me now has information that could help my sister. There are people willing to listen to you and we would be forever grateful for any new sign that Jill is well. I also hope that those with Jill have come to know her — that they recognize what a wonderful person she is and realize that they can show the world that they are merciful to an innocent woman by returning her safely home to us.

Jill and Katie in younger days