In a piece published in The Daily Star, highly esteemed Egyptian columnist Mona ElTahawy calls for the establishment of a scholarship for murdered Iraqi journalist Atwar Bahjat. She cites several examples of scholarships created to honor the memories of murdered American journalists, including Michael Kelly and Elisabeth Neuffer. ElTahawy says:

Can we learn anything from these examples? For starters, Al-Arabiyya and Al-Jazeera can set aside their traditional rivalry and be the first donors to the Atwar Bahjat Scholarship Fund. Not only would they be honoring a reporter but they would also provide a sterling example of philanthropy in the Arab world. And they would be its primary beneficiaries — ensuring a great education for journalists that they could then hire. I am sure that Atwar has many friends around the world who would like to contribute. Are Al-Arabiyya and Al-Jazeera listening?

Source: [The Daily Star]

This is such a great idea by a great writer! Atwar’s memory should live on.