The Christian Science Monitor has a moving feature on Allan Enwiyah, Jill’s interpreter who was killed during her kidnapping. Here is an excerpt:

Allan Enwiyah I worked with Allan while on a stint in Iraq in December, just before the national elections. During those weeks, I came to know an easygoing young man who took his job seriously, but who liked to gossip, always good-naturedly, about Iraqi politicians or international stars. He dressed nattily – crisp jeans and a sport shirt or T-shirt that looked more Western than Iraqi. And while he was interested enough in the politics of what then was an Iraq deep in campaign mode, he saved his passion for his young family.

I had known other interpreters during my stints in Iraq who seemed to use the job to escape their families and those duties, but clearly for Allan, the job — as interesting as it was to him — was a means to an end. He was not a daredevil, not even really a newshound. Which somehow makes his death all the more tragic.

Tomorrow, Jill will have been held captive for two whole months. To her kidnappers I say: Please, have some mercy! Set this innocent reporter and wonderful human being free. Enough is enough!