BBC Radio 4 has interviewed the Jordanian couple whose wedding was shattered by a suicide bomber’s attack on Amman’s Raddisson SAS November 9th. Here is the full article. Some four months after the tragedy, the couple says the attack strengthend their faith and that they are determined to go on with their life and enjoy the family they have built. Bride Nadia Al-Alami explains:

The wedding coupleI will have good days, I will have bad days. But I have married a wonderful person, I love him and he loves me.

We will have a small family and I will try to be a better person. I think I will have a good life, I didn’t get a chance to have my wedding, so I will work hard to make this a good life.

In the interview, Nadia also lashes out at Al-Qaeda:

Even if we are angry, what are we going to do? Can you tell me where I can find the al-Qaeda people? They are the enemy of humanity, they’re playing the role of God and that is totally wrong. They should go back to our holy book and read it again so they can understand Islam. They are not real Islam. These people want us to go back to the dark ages. If I wanted to be angry I’d do the same as them, but we want to live in peace.

Now some four months after the triple suicide bombings that rocked the Kingdom, Jordan continues to be targeted by low-life barbarians that seem bound and determined to destroy it. Only yesterday Jordan announced it had foiled an attack on a civilian installation. Jordanian writer and blogger and writer Batir Wardam has provided an analysis of the current situation in Jordan:

This is another harsh evidence of the realities imposed on Jordan recently. The country has always been a target for terrorism but the scale and momentum are higher now. The security forces have been able to contain the situation apart from that bloody suicide attack of Nov 9th 2005.

The trend in the future will be even harder. To keep the tranquility and stability in Jordan, the citizens themselves have to offer help to the security forces. This might seem to be rather eccentric for someone who is advocating free speech and liberalization, but unless the Jordanian public comes to the reality that militant Islamists represent a direct danger to the safety of our families there will always be possibility that the terrorists might eventually outsmart the security in one attemt or more.

In case that another, or maybe two consecutive attacks occure in Jordan our lives will change competely and we will go back to living in a police state with security overshadowing democracy. To protect our freedoms, liberties, families, and everything we belive in we have to be an open eye for the help of security forces in one and only one dimension: monitoring and cracking down Islamist fundamentalists.

Indeed. May God bless Jordan and protect it from the barbarians.