What in heaven’s name is happening in Jordan! Early this morning, a hostage drama unfolded in a Jordanian prison and now this:

Jordan has foiled a planned suicide bomb attack on "a vital civilian installation," official state-run media has reported. Two Iraqis and a Libyan, believed to be members of the al-Qaeda terror network, have been arrested in connection with the plot, Petra news agency reported. Police are said to be hunting several other militants, including a Saudi Arabian and three Iraqis. In November 2005, 54 people died in an al-Qaeda bombing of a Jordanian hotel.

Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Judeh said the militants had planned to attack a "vital civilian facility" in the capital in Amman, but he refused to give further details about the nature of the target. Mr Judeh told the Associated Press that police had made the arrests after gaining new intelligence. State-run TV showed photographs of the three detained men, along with images showing automatic rifles and bomb making materials. "The intelligence services seized 4kg (8.8lb) of heavy explosives," a statement from an unnamed a statement from an unnamed security official read out on state TV said.

Source: [BBC]

Yes, I’m worried!