Mahmoud Saedat hostage video screen capture AMMAN — A Jordanian embassy driver kidnapped two months ago by Iraqi militants demanding the release of a failed woman suicide bomber has been freed, officials said on Tuesday.

They did not say how Mahmoud Saedat was released after his kidnap in Baghdad on Dec 20 by a little-known group which had demanded the release of Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman who said on state television in November that she had tried to blow herself up alongside her husband in hotel bombings in Amman. Jordan had said it would not give in to the kidnappers’ demand to free Rishawi, but that it was sparing no effort to secure Saedat’s release.

Source: [Reuters]

Great news! I’m so glad that the Saedat ordeal has come to an end. Let’s hope that it means Jill will be released next.