Jordanian writer and blogger Batir Wardam’s is discussing a recent global survey conducted by the highly respected Economist Intelligence Unit which revealed that Amman is the most expensive city in the Arab world. EIU’s survey was based upon living expenses in 128 countries across the world compared with citizen incomes. Wardam also makes note that the pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat revealed the findings of this report in a recent article (in Arabic). Amman — globally — occupies position number 70, just beating out Dubai at 71. The third most expensive Arab city was Casablanca at 80 followed by Abu Dhabi at 82 and Manama 82.

We’vd been hearing the rumor that Amman was a terribly expensive city and even the "most expensive Arab city" for a while. But now it is confirmed! Of course I’m not surprised. The money I made from the last job I had in Jordan, which was over three years ago, was barely enough to pay my mobile phone bill. What mystifies me to this day, though, is how Western Ammanites continue to enjoy such a high standard of living despite all the economic hardships engulfing the region! Anyway, what do I know!