A scene from Match Point When I feel like the world is going down the drain — something that I have been sensing quite often lately — I turn to the movies. For me, films provide an especially needed escapism. My movie obsession began at an early age, from that point driving many around me crazy, particularly my mother. My addiction was emboldened after I tied the knot with another proud movie buff. Watching films is our favorite past time. We rent, buy and discuss movies constantly. Those following Mental Mayhem may have noticed that cinematic discussions are an integral part of this blog. Well, enough rambling. Let’s talk movies. We have seen a number of good films lately, thanks laregly to Netflix. Here is my take on a few of them:

  1. Match Point: This Woodey Allen movie is simply brilliant. I fully enjoyed both the acting and the story, which uses tennis to explore the irony that is life! Two thumbs way up!
  2. La Communidad: A Spanish black comedy that takes place primarily in an apartment complex in Madrid. As one movie critic said, La Communidad is a mesh between the works of Hitchock and Almodovar.
  3. Kinsey: A film following the life story of an entomologist who decides to study the sexual habits of humans, the scientist, Kinsey, undertakes unorthodox research methods, which prove shocking at times. This is not exactly a family flick and might not be a good choice for conservative viewers.
  4. Me, you and everyone we know: This independent flick is not your usual viewing, proving entertaining but shocking at times. If you are like me and currently traumatized by the events in the Middle East, then this movie is a wonderful distraction from the madness around you.
  5. Lord of War: Nicholas Cage is fanstastic in this intese drama about the corrupt world of international arms sales. I would definitely watch this movie again.