Here is a quick Jill update from the Christian Science Monitor:

Sattam Hameed Farhan al-Gaood, a former senior official in Saddam Hussein’s regime, made an appeal in Jordan today for the release of journalist Jill Carroll. Mr. Gaood, who was released in December after an extended period in US detention, stated that he is profoundly opposed to the US occupation of Iraq. But he called for Jill’s release "to prove that the resistance does not kill innocents." "Upon the request of Jill Carroll’s family who called on us to contribute to release their daughter, I have already taken serious steps and am doing the best I can in this respect," Mr. Gaood said.

"I find myself in a position that can’t be ignored, because the appeal came from a mother and a father and not from a bunch of occupiers … I call upon you in the name of Islam and the honor that is characteristic of Muslims and Arabs, and remind you that forgiveness is a duty … I as your brother have been asked to help, and if you think that I am worthy, then please respond to my appeal."

Hope is what is keeping me going these days. In spite of the latest deadline set by the kidnappers, I have not lost hope. I still wholeheartedly believe that I will see Jill … and soon, real soon.

UPDATE: Here is another update from the Monitor:

Advertisement for Jill's release from Iraqi TV On Tuesday, Al Iraqiya, one of Iraq’s most watched TV stations, began carrying a public service video calling for the release of Jill Carroll. The spot reminds viewers of Jill’s love for Iraq and includes interviews with Iraqis who talk about their concern for Jill, saying they’ve come to feel as if she’s one of their daughters. The televised announcement is part of an ongoing campaign by the Iraqi media to support efforts to free Jill.

There are two versions of the public service video. The shorter version portrays Iraqis and Jill’s mother Mary Beth Carroll appealing for her release. The longer one incorporates an emotional appeal from Adnan al-Dulaimi, the influential Sunni Arab politician Jill had been hoping to interview on the morning of her abduction, speaking of how deeply distressed he’s been left by Jill’s abduction. Several other major Iraqi TV stations have indicated they intend to run the public service announcement in the coming days.

Source: [CSM]

UPDATE 2: Veteran Aljazeera anchor Mohmamad Kreishan asked for Jill’s release in an editorial (in Arabic) published in the pan-Arab daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi. The gist of his commentary is that kidnapping journalists is wrong generally and that, in partciular, Jill is known for her love of her profession, her dedication to her job, and as someone who sought to convey the daily sufferings of Iraqis. He also commended her work, saying she is not like those "hotel journalists" that stay in their hotels and rarely venture outside to get the story. He ended his editorial by appealing to the kidnappers to release Jill, saying otherwise "her blood will turn into a curse on you and on the whole country, which is something we do not want to happen, neither to you nor to the country."