CNN is reporting that a private Kuwaiti TV station — Al Rai — has a new — third — tape of Jill! I haven’t seen it yet but I understand she is wearing different clothing than before and that she says she is doing okay but she pleads that her abductors’ demands be met, saying:

Jill's third video on Al Rai "I sent you a letter written by my hand but you wanted more evidence so we’re sending you this new letter now just to prove that I am with the mujahedeen," Carroll says in English on the tape, aired on Al Rai television.

"I’m here. I’m fine. Please, just do whatever they want, give them whatever they want as quickly as possible. There is very short time; please do it fast," she says. "That’s all." On the tape, Carroll begins by saying, "Today is Thursday, Feb. 6," then shakes her head slightly and corrects herself, "Feb. 2, 2006."
Source: [CNN]

UPDATE: CNN now has an update on their site and MSNBC has a short piece from the Associated Press that will likely update if there is anything new to report. Jill appears more composed in this video. This tape also includes a listenable audio portion. It is worth noting that the previous tapes also included audio — they were not silent as some reported. Aljazeera kept tight editorial control over the content, allowing their anchors to summarize the information, rather than give a platform to her captors. Perhaps this new tape is running on Al Rai so those controls are not in place.

UPDATE 2: Immediately following the release of the tape, Christian Science Monitor Editor Richard Bergenheim issued the following statement:

"It is always difficult to see someone speaking under coercion and under these circumstances. We are seeking more information about the letter that Jill refers to in the video. We remain in constant contact with Jill’s family and are still doing everything possible to obtain Jill’s release."

Jill’s family has also released a statement:

"The family is hopeful and grateful to all those working on Jill’s behalf."

UPDATE 3: Reporters without Borders has again asked for Jill’s release as soon as possible, stressing the fact that as a journalist she is but a neutral observer to the conflict.

We remind Carroll’s kidnappers that she is a journalist who has just done her job, which is to describe the conditions in which Iraqis are living. She is not responsible for the US government’s decisions.

At least these disturbing images give us some proof that she is still alive, which is truly encouraging. However, that falls short of calming our concern and anguish over Jill Carroll’s fate. The time has come to renew our mobilization effort. We urge members of the media around the globe — particularly those in the Arab world — as well as Muslim dignitaries, to continue to intervene on her behalf.