After Jordan’s parliament called for for the punishment of the caricaturists that created images of the Prophet Mohammad, Jordan’s foreign minister got into things Saturday, summoning Denmark’s honorary consul to Amman to discus "the deliberate abuse to Islam and the message of Prophet Mohammad by a Danish paper." Here is the full story from Jordan’s news agency, Petra.

This controversy is snowballing and fast. Both sides feel very strongly about the issue. What one side regards as an important freedom of speech matter, the other sees as a clear case of blasphemy. This debate is likely endless. Although I believe the cartoons were truly offensive to Muslims — with all due respect to the believers — in my humble opinion, I think the issue has gotten out of control, especially with recent calls to boycott Danish products. A number of Arab bloggers have already commented on the issue. Here are some links: Naseem, Roba, Sandmonkey, and Basem.