Although we have not heard any major news regarding Jill, the following news items eked out today, making me feel even more hopeful:

The Iraqi authorities have arrested three people in Baghdad suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of American freelance journalist Jill Carroll. An interior ministry statement said the arrests were made during a raid by the security forces in the Adel neighborhood where Carroll was seized.

Source: [AKI]

The second bit of promising news came from Reuters, renewing a suggestion that female Iraqi prisoners will be freed:

Five Iraqi women prisoners whose release has become linked to the case of kidnapped American journalist Jill Carroll will be freed from U.S. custody on Thursday, a Justice Ministry official said on Wednesday. Iraqi officials have been at odds with their U.S. counterparts over the release of the five, among eight women terrorism suspects in American custody in Iraq.

Source: [Reuters]

Whether the release of these female detainees is related to Jill’s abduction or not, this means that the kidnappers demands have largely been met, directly or indirectly. My hope remains strong. Perhaps we will hear good news soon!

UPDATE: The Christian Science Monitor is now reporting that a US military spokesman in Baghdad has confirmed statements made Wednesday by Iraqi justice ministry officials that said five women detainees are scheduled to be released on Thursday.