Tareq Ayyoub According to Al-Ghad daily (in Arabic), a number of Jordanian women’s organizations have condemned the kidnapping of Jill and asked for her release. Among those calling for her release is Dima Tahboub, the wife of my late colleague Tareq Ayyoub who was killed in Iraq in 2003 when he was struck by a US missile in the early days of the war. "Kidnapping journalists hurts the message of humane resistance and makes its message criminal," Dima Tahboub told Alghad.

Both Jill, the late Taerq Ayyoub, and myself were working at The Jordan Times when the Iraq war began. When Tareq was killed, every one at The Jordan Times was shattered. We could not believe that we had lost Tareq forever. I clearly remember Jill’s reaction the day we heard the news of Tareq’s tragic death. She was traumatized by the loss of her colleague in a war that was being waged right next door. She did not say much that day. She was at loss for words.

Three years later Jill finds herself in another terrible ordeal in Iraq. Her life is threatened merely for doing her job as a reporter. Both Tareq and Jill worked for The Jordan Times. Both went to Iraq in pursuit of what they saw as the truth. And both suffered a great deal for seeking their passion and believing in what they did.

To Dima Tahboub, I say, again, I’m so sorry for your loss. Tareq is always in our minds. To Jill, I say, hang in there habeebti. We are all here praying for you, fully supporting your choice to report in Iraq.