The Jordan Times, where Jill worked for a year, ran a moving editorial about her today. Here are some excerpts:

Jill CarrollThe kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs. Though as a reporter she always complies with the strictest requirements of objectivity and impartiality, Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

More than just being sympathetic with average Iraqis under war and occupation, Jill is a true believer in Arab causes. From Arabic food to the Arabic language, Jill has always wanted to know and experience as much as possible about Arab identity, and she is keen on absorbing it, learning, understanding and respecting it. She doesn’t just “like” Arab culture, she loves it.

Meanwhile, according to the Associate Press, Iraqi and US officials working to free an American journalist say they haven’t made contact with her kidnappers. The US Embassy says it’s working with local authorities "and doing everything possible to bring about her safe release." And an Iraqi Interior Ministry official says police are taking the matter "very seriously."

It has been nine days since Jill’s abduction. May God give her strength enough to make it through this horrible ordeal. Our hearts are with you Jill. I took the above picture of her in Amman about three years ago.