We are back from New York after a wonderful time spent with the Jameeds. I will blog about our exhilarating adventures in detail later this evening! Meanwhile, I will leave you with this IRIN article about the Jordanian journalists’ campaign to end journalist imprisonment.

Jordan’s press syndicate and newspaper publishers have launched a campaign to lobby lawmakers to speed up ratification of a new press law scrapping provisions setting jail terms for journalists.

Independent politicians, media figures and newspaper editors began lobbying lawmakers this week to give priority in the new parliamentary session to approving an amendment, proposed last year, to the current law governing so-called press offenses.

Source: [IRIN]

Well, it’s about time to put an end to this state of fear and paranoia that is so deeply rooted in Jordanian journalism. I really look forward to the day when self-censorship among Jordanian journalists is a thing of the past. Oh, Happy New Year everyone!

UPDATE: Khalaf has an informative post on this same topic.