Holiday MansafLast night,
I devoured my first Mansaf for the first time in over six months! Yes, you heard me right: Six whole months without a taste of my country’s national dish! I know. I could lose my Jordanian citizenship for such a faux pas, but I’m sure those in charge would understand!

The place where we partook of this celestial meal was my friend Ajlounieh’s place, where we, along with other family friends, were invited to a dinner prepared by Ajlounieh’s super mom. Of course, and without doubt, the food was just divine. As was the case with my first Magloubeh in the US, I ate like there was no tomorrow.

Besides the heavenly food, the company was just divine. The guest list was diverse: Jordanians, one Palestinian, a Syrian, a Lebanese and some Americans. All were gathered together to get a taste of Jordan’s famous Mansaf.

So as not to break the tradition, we all enjoyed our Mansaf while talking about nothing less than the political developments in our volatile region. Our primarily pan-Arab chit-chat went on for hours and I have to say it was an entirely engaging and thought-provoking conversation.

Last night was definitely memorable. We had such a truly wonderful, wonderful time. I can’t wait for the day when I start throwing Mansaf dinner parties of my own. Hopefully this day is just around the corner. This picture comes courtesy of the one and only, Ajlounieh.