DecalogueWe finally finished watching Kristof’s Kieslowski’s Decalogue — a 10-part dramatic series based on the Ten Commandants that originally aired on Polish television. Although the series was highly enjoyable, it took us nearly a month to get through all ten episodes. The number one reason was the busy holiday season. Another was the fact that the series dragged a bit.

However, for anyone that enjoyed Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy: Red, White, Blue, then the Decalogue is definitely a must-see. It has some cinematic elements that also exist in the Trilogy like the intermingling of characters from one episode to the next and the presence of voyeurs. But the Decalogue episodes are darker than the Trilogy and less artistic at times.

The most amusing part of watching the Decalogue is trying to determine which of the Commandments the episode is based on, which proved to be a difficult task at times as some are so broad and others focus on multiple Commandments. All in all, the Decalogue was worth it. Would I watch it again? Definitely!