For some reason I’ve been blogging all about Mamnou’ channel, or the "taboo" channel, since its inception. First, came its launch announcement, then the "controversy," then further controversy, and now, the latest: The channel’s transmission has been halted. In an article published in The Jordan Times, the CEO of Jordanian Media City said Mamnou’ did not follow the rules:

"The channel’s owners had breached their contract by airing various films without legal permission,” Jordan Media City (JMC) CEO Radi Alkhas told The Jordan Times.

According to Al-Khas, the closing of the channel has nothing to do with its decision to air the controversial show Alshatat.

"We have no control over what is aired. All we care about is JMC’s reputation, and to allow a channel to broadcast copyrighted material illegally would have eventually subjected JMC to countless lawsuits."

However, Mamnou’ channel spokesperson Ibrahim Omar Albahri denied these claims, saying:

"We never broadcast anything without permission and were very surprised with the decision to ban the channel," Albahri said.

After reading these two opposing statements, I guess the truth lies somewhere in between.