GW Parkway Two days ago a snowstorm made its way across the DC-Metro area. The snowfall began around noon Monday and continued all night. The next morning, we awoke to an all-white scene. The sight was refreshing, as I hadn’t seen snow in a couple of years. What I found fascinating was that in spite of the inches of snow that engulfed the area, business continued, as usual. This is quite unlike what usually happens in Jordan on snowy days, where the country shuts down.

Here, life simply went on. To my surprise, The Washington Post was delivered right in front of our doorstep and on time. In and around our neighborhood people quickly cleared the snow off their cars and headed to work, driving on already-cleared roads. At work, everyone arrived almost on time and completed their tasks as expected. At the end of the workday, I took the bus home and arrived at my usual time. The mail was there, delivered on time just like any other day.Madaba

You see, I found this unusual. In Jordan, when snows arrives, things are handled differently. The entire country shuts down with the arrival of the first snowflakes. Naturally, in my home country we stay inside during snowy days and enjoy the time off. Here things are not that fun. The idea of "closing down the shop" during snowy days is not taken for granted. Sigh!

More snow is expected to arrive at week’s end. Although its arrival will likely not equate to a day off, I still wholeheartedly welcome it. When it comes to snow, I’m still a child. I simply adore it.