Iraqi_polls_1 The Amman city council has removed campaign posters for Iraqis voting in Jordan during the election this month, saying they should be confined to the vicinity of polling stations and not plastered on walls and lampposts.

Amman Municipality official Izzedine Shammout [said] it was illegal to glue election posters to the city’s buildings and infrastructure. He said his office had removed dozens of posters around the Jordanian capital and ordered that they be hung close to ballot centers.

Source: [AP via News from Russia] Photo by Nader Daoud for AP

I know I might be day-dreaming, but part of me wants to believe that Jordanian authorities have responded to Jordanian bloggers’ concerns (here and here) by removing these posters only one day after bloggers expressed dissatisfaction with their blatant display in the heart of the Jordanian capital. Here is one excerpt from Jordanian bloggger Sha3teely:

Mr. Allawi, those walls belong to the Jordanian people not to anyone else. And if you would like to spread your campaign on the street at least rent one of those street billboards and keep those walls clean. Because I really don’t think you are going to care enough and remove those posters after the elections in Baghdad finish…

UPDATE: And here is Al-Ghad story (In Arabic)