This is a follow-up to a post I put up October 12 with the title The Atrocity continues. In that instance, a man got six months of jail for butchering his sister. Yesterday, another man that murdered his sister left prison a free man after only 15 months. Of course in both cases the reduced sentences were a direct result of twisted logic found in the Jordanian Penal Code! Akh bas Akh!

I do not want to keep repeating myself, publishing the same rant that I wrote last month. All I want to say is that these atrocities are occurring while the government is embracing the path of reform. And you wonder why I’m skeptical!

With all due respect, reform can never happen in Jordan when human life — particularly that of women — is so damn cheap. I’m not going to say anything else. I will just leave you with two related posts from fellow Jordanian bloggers. The first is from Nas and the second, Rami.