According to a report published on Alarabiya’s website, some Iraqi businessmen are planning to build Jordan’s first Shia mosque in Amman’s Abdoun neighborhood on land worth more than 3 million US dollars. The article states that these businessmen approached Jordan’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs to get approval for building the mosque. The ministry hasn’t confirmed this report yet. The article also went on to say that a number of Shia in Jordan are working to establish an organization called Imam Al Hussein organization.

Interesting! The Shia population in Jordan is very small, almost unnoticeable as according to this report, Jordan’s Sunnis constitute 95% of the population. Since Jordan is currently moving down the path of reform, then I believe religious tolerance should be part of the package. I know this might be a sensitive topic in Jordan, but in my humble opinion I think allowing different religious denominations a place for their particular place of worship is a real strong step in the right direction.