IRIN, the UN news agency, has a feature examining concerns over the anti–terror draft law in Jordan. The feature also tackles the issue of the growing Iraqi population in Jordan. Here is one highlight:

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has also expressed concern over the proposed law: "HRW will be even more concerned over the situation of the undocumented Iraqi population in Jordan who have no refugee status," Christoph Wilcke, researcher for HRW said from New York.

Since terrorist attacks in the coastal area of Aqaba last August, Jordan has been systematically expelled undocumented Iraqis from the country, back to Iraq’,according to Wilcke. "This is very worrying", he added, "because it goes against all human rights conventions … These people came to Jordan escaping the war and now they are being sent back there again."

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Here is the government response. Also make sure to read Nas’ post on the same topic.

In other Jordan-centric news, a Washington Post reporter visited Irbid and interviewed a Jordanian that joined the insurgency in Iraq. Also, Jordanian journalist and Fulbright Scholar Samer Abu Libdeh discusses the urgency for reform in Jordan after the attacks in a piece for the Washington Institute’s on-line publication.