The family and tribe of al-Qaida leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, disowned him Sunday in a large newspaper advertisement. Local Jordanian newspapers published a large advertised statement addressed to King Abdullah II and signed by 76 members of the Khalayleh family of the prominent Bani Hassan clan, from which Zarqawi hails. The statement, which included the signature of Zarqawi’s brother, Sayel Fadeel Nazzal Khalayleh, and his cousins, pledged allegiance to the Jordanian monarch and denounced "all terrorist acts claimed by Ahmad Fadeel Khalayleh," Zarqawi’s real name.

It added the Khalayleh family renounces him, his acts and statements, insisting that "anyone who dares to carry out such acts against our Jordan has no links to Jordan and did not drink from its water; therefore, we disown him until the day of judgment."

Source: [UPI]

Has anyone seen this? I hope this will make some Zarqa residents that told the press on a number of occasions "We are proud of him," think twice before they give such embarrassing statements.

UPDATE: Here is the AP story via The Jordan Times