I just finished reading the interview that His Majesty king Abdullah gave to foreign papers in which he discussed a number of interesting topics. One particular quote that caught my eye was this:

"There’s a problem inside of Islam. The problem is not Jordan or the United States or Saudi Arabia," the king maintained.
Source [The Financial Times]

I wonder how this statement will be perceived in the Muslim world at large. This Egyptian blogger called His Majesty brave for admitting this.

First Middle Eastern leader admits that there is a problem in Islam. Middle Eastern counrtries like Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Saudi Arabic were attacked by Islamists’ terrorism but most defended Islam as saying this is not not the "true Islam". King Abullah, first brave Arab leader, to admit the problem. The language of King Abdullah indictates seriousness and firmness in tackling Jordan’s crisis with terrorism.

Another statement that caught my eye was that Jordan is planning to abolish the death penalty.

"We want to lead as the first country in the Middle East to do away with capital punishment," he said.

Way to go Jordan. I’m totally for abolishing the death penalty.