Khalaf drew my attention to the fact that a member of Parliament, Nariman Rousan, bluntly accused the Israeli Mosad of being behind the terrorist attacks in Jordan. She made her embarrassing statement on the most watched channel in the Arab world: Aljazeera. Here is the Elaph article (in Arabic).

Ms. Rousan, for how long are we going to live in a state of denial, refusing to believe that terrorism and extremism can come from within? I’m sorry to say this Ms. Rousan, but what you said was shameful and an embarrassment to our entire nation, particularly because it comes from someone occupying a seat in parliament. It is disrespectful to those massacred Wednesday night.

Please elevate your way of thinking and get rid of those conspiracy theories that have plagued us for years. No, Ms Rousan. It was not Mossad that did this. It was Al-Qaeda members ordered to do this by Zarqawi who, the last time I checked, happens to be a Jordanian from the Bani Hassan tribe. I am now one Jordanian who is asking for an apology from you for embarrassing us in such a way in front of the whole world

You just don’t understand Ms. Rousan, it was likely your statement that inspired The New York Times to publish this article. Shameful!